Who we are

When Vets Undress is a large fundraising project, organised and executed by the students of R(D)SVS.

The project involves creating a 2018 Charity Calendar, with pictures of our students undressed, discreetly and artistically choreographed alongside animals, at some of Scotland's most beautiful locations.

Through When Vets Undress, our students aim to raise funds for All4Paws, a student-initiated charity which strives to provide free, effective veterinary care for the pets of homeless and vulnerably-housed people. 
There is no denying that pets make amazing companions, offering unwavering loyalty and friendship, and we believe that every four-legged friend deserves access to basic healthcare.

This project also hopes to encourage other students around the world to get involved in similar student-initiated fundraising projects or charities.
As we work towards our individual goals in life, it is important that we are reminded not to forget our community, and to give to the less fortunate when we can.

Gavin Beardies.jpg

why do vets like to get naked?

Taking on a noble cause, by taking off what is ours.

An intriguing question, which continues to baffle the top researchers in Edinburgh. 

However, the reason is not all that complex:

  • All our patients are often without clothes, it simply makes sense to strip down and join them when posing for a photo together.
  • Undressed, we fall back into our natural state of authenticity, a step closer to our animal companions.
  • Everyone enjoys a bit of nudity from time to time.